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Society Israel is a leading company in Israel with expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship and negotiation of Real Estate properties.

The company management and workteam are amongst the top in the Real Estate field. Their rich experience and professionalism is evident from their performance in numerous and varied Real Estate transactions.

“Society Israel” was founded in the year 1983 and has various departments.

The real estate negotiation and guidance provided by the company include transactions concerning office property, commercial plots and mostly, residential property.

Society Israel Real Estate Company has a unique approach; it focuses on the needs of the client.

To guarantee this approach is put into practice, we created different departments for addressing specific client needs to the utmost.

Our company is constantly aware of current and potential trends in the Real Estate market and maintains regular up dating and expansion of our data storage.

We believe in accompanying our clients, even subsequent to the completion of a transaction. As a result, we have become the most extensive Real Estate family in Tel Aviv.



The Society family comprises rich human assets, knowledge and recognized experience in the Real Estate field.

The wide experience our company has acquired over the years has enabled us to develop unique and proven methods of serving our clients.

Society offers our clients a wide and first-rate selection of services and products of innovative technology in the real estate field.

Our large and wide-ranging clientele include Israeli and overseas clients and is continually growing.

We accompany our clients throughout the transaction and remain with them, even following completion.






We are the most qualified professionals in the field with wide knowledge and experience.

- We are able to cover the entire Tel Aviv area owing to the cooperation of a chosen team of leading Real Estate agents in the industry; their trustworthiness has proved itself over the years.
– The success of our company workers has led to a steady return of clients.



Our extensive clientele records in Israel and abroad are continuously updated. A routing system sorts and sends details of properties including photographs, according to category, to the relevant recipient. The unique sorting method facilitates a speedy search and saves unnecessary and tiring searching around.



We have direct and continual contact with our clients.

– The real estate properties we receive are sorted into categories.
– Details of a property that addresses specific client needs are directly sent to the individual’s personal email.
– We send you a weekly update of all the latest news in our office, such as apartments for rent or properties for sale – and all this in accordance with client specifications.



Ours is the best Internet site in the world. We have a unique website, developed and advanced over the years, constructed according to our professional needs and enables, amongst many other features, registration for receipt of up-to-date information regarding properties relevant to client needs, with a possibility for the client to personally arrange the details.
– The website is controlled by means of popular Internet browsers and promoted by professionals.



We have numerous and efficient sources of marketing that address various target populations.

– Regular publication in nation-wide press.
– Predominant advertisement in the Yellow pages.
– Distribution of flyers, cards and magnets for more focused publication of a property.
– Regular publication on leading Internet sites and browsers.



• We know how to present your property in the market by emphasizing the most important visual characteristics.
– We have both knowledge and ability to draw out the best aspects of your property – owing to our experienced photography team.
– There is truth in the saying that one picture is worth a thousand words – a photograph of your property will reinforce the effect of the sale / rent.



We shall guide you correctly and efficiently in the best way possible.
– We shall provide you with most relevant legal tools.
– We shall send you to the best professional people, the best conditions: mortgage banks, solicitors, architects etc.
- We shall prepare the property for sale/rent in order to gain maximum value.



We select the most interested prospective clients whose needs are relevant to specific properties.
– Our data stores include a reliable and categorized target population.
– Our team of agents executes professional sorting to create a speedy and efficient property sale.



In the “Society” family we believe that our success Depends on your satisfaction and on success of the business, Subsequently, we shall stand by your side and provide you with peace and confidence… all the way.